The beauty of hair is that everyone has something to say about it!  I’m interested in hearing your thoughts, impressions, questions, observations, insights, and more.  Consider…

How does your hair reflect your identity?

Do you see any connections between your experiences and those of the other participants?

Which stories speak to you the most?  Why?

How does hair shape the way you interact with others?

If you’d like to share (in response to the above questions or anything else hair-related), please email me directly at lcparke[at] and I’ll post your comments here.


JupiterMoon3 (9/12/11):

I try to justify my dreads, but this project sort of helps me realize, who cares?  I don’t have dreadlocks because I want attention.  I LOVE dreads.  I think they’re beautiful.  And I know most people DON’T think that.  I don’t do anything because someone else might like it.  I like it, that’s the point.  I dyed them pink and purple and turquoise because I think it’s beautiful.

Frank Anigbo (9/16/11):

After looking at others’ hairvolutions, my friend Frank was reminded of a sad episode in his younger years when the parents of two close friends prohibited them from interacting anymore.

As best I can work out, I was a good kid who seemed bad because I wore a badge – my hair – that made me different in a way most parents did not approve.  For years after I fantasized about someday going back to that house to say: look at me now, despite my hair I turned out just fine.  At some point during my twenties I let that fantasy go.  Your project reminded me of that but not in a sad way.

Danielle (4/1/12):

My father’s reaction to mixed hair was kind of similar to Jazmine’s dad’s [in the Boondocks]. My (white) mom actually wouldn’t allow me to straighten my hair via any method … My (black) father took my sister to get a relaxer and WWIII broke out. I eventually straightened my hair with a blow dryer for the first time in college – it apparently made me look “more black,” and people thought I was actually an international student from Africa. Who would have guessed that?

Thanks for doing such an awesome project!


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