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Hairvolution #114


Besides epic dance parties, life-changing friendships, rock-your-socks-off musicians, and lots of really great hair, Girls Rock Camp Charleston is famous for its “Kitten Tips.”

This contributer is hard at work here, adding to the magical collection of kitten-themed advice and encouragement:


….for example:

kitten tip


kitten tip 2

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Hairvolution #93

IMG_9124Hairvolutions and a haircut!  Thanks to #92 for giving us cause to celebrate!


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Hairvolution #61

A 2001 study conducted by Dr. Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology and of Women’s and Gender Studies at Yale University, revealed that the frame can actually matter more than the painting – according to “First Impressions and Hair Impressions,” one’s hairstyle dictates a stranger’s first impression of them far more than their facial features.  Regarding women’s hairstyles, the study found that women with long, straight, blonde hairstyles are perceived as the sexiest and most affluent, whereas women with medium-length, casual-looking hairstyles are viewed as more intelligent and good-natured.

While there’s benefit to being mindful of how people perceive us, perhaps the more important questions should be, Is this functional? and Do I feel fabulous?

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Hairvolution #58

Henna is a flowering plant that has been used to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather, and wool for thousands of years.  In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti  were known to have used it to dye their hair, the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) used henna to dye his beard, and Lucille Ball popularized what she called the “henna rinse” in the hit 1950’s television series, I Love Lucy.

*For those of you who are interested in donating your hair (see Hairvolution #57), fear not!  According to Locks of Love, hair that has been colored is perfectly acceptable so long as it wasn’t bleached first!

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Hairvolution #55

Humidity (hyoo-mid-i-tee): the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere caused by condensation and evaporation.
Random factoid of the day: The diameter of human hair swells nearly 25% when wet.  This swelling causes the hair cuticles to expand and lift, creating frizz.  While this may be a source of tremendous frustration for some (and a huge source of profit for the hair industry!), meteorologists have learned to use this attribute to their advantage.  Because of its sensitivity to moisture, human hair is used in hygrometers (weather instruments that measure humidity).  As the humidity changes, the expanding and contracting of the hair strands causes the hygrometer’s needle gauge to indicate the level of humidity based on how the hair has moved.
So the next time you’re having a “bad hair day,” just think about how cool it is to have a science experiment on top of your head!
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Hairvolution #48

For more “gay identifiable” styles, check out Dyke Haircuts.

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Hairvolution #47

This participant and I have been through a lot together, including the five-hour-long ordeal of turning half-white, half-Asian hair into dreadlocks.

But the true test of friendship?  Helping to comb them out one year later!

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Hairvolution #45

Variations in beauty ideals across societies and historical periods have suggested that standards of beauty are culturally specific.  However, research studies have shown that there might actually be more universal agreements than we originally thought.  Apparently, facial symmetry (possibly a marker of genetic quality) plays a significant role in the perceived attractiveness of an individual.

When it comes to haircuts, though, asymmetry is all the rage (check out the “asymmetrical” tag to see all the variations).

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Hairvolution #44

For those of you who might be experiencing some stache envy right now, consider some of the following options:

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