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Hairvolution #114


Besides epic dance parties, life-changing friendships, rock-your-socks-off musicians, and lots of really great hair, Girls Rock Camp Charleston is famous for its “Kitten Tips.”

This contributer is hard at work here, adding to the magical collection of kitten-themed advice and encouragement:


….for example:

kitten tip


kitten tip 2

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Hairvolution #108


A tribute to all those who boldly (and beautifully!) rock “big hair”:

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Hairvolution #104


In honor of this participant’s love of bangs, a collection of factoids for your next hair-themed trivia night:

In the 1860s, the term “bangtailed” was used to describe horses that had had their tails cropped.  Shortly thereafter, people (predominantly in America) began referring to the hair cut above one’s eyebrows as “bangs.”  Elsewhere in the world, the term “fringe” is more commonly used.


During Dwight Eisenhower’s 1952 presidential run, his campaign office got so many letters criticizing his wife’s bangs that they created a form response letter.


In the 1950s, a Scotch Tape ad recommended using the product when cutting bangs at home: “Fix fringe to forehead with Scotch Tape and cut across top of tape.  Fringe cuts straight, hair trimmings stick to tape—won’t fall in eyes.”



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Hairvolution #102




This participant recently found their old dreadlocks, stashed away in a box with some other mementos and keepsakes.  As it turns out, saving hair is a pretty common practice; check out this super fascinating story about a lock of Beethoven’s hair.

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Hairvolution #95

IMG_9117a.k.a. “queervolution”


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Hairvolution #90


The disclaimer included with this submission states:

This rugged piece of cardboard has survived a lot – a train ride to NYC where it then faced 15 blocks of rain/snow, where it then dried itself off on a bus ride to DC, where it then was shoved on multiple occasions into the bottom of a purse… this little guy was a trooper, and now has some character to show for it!

When first diving into this project, I learned early on that cardboard is an easily obtained material, is easy to write on, and is rugged enough to sustain a decent amount of travel and weather-oriented trauma.  Additionally, cardboard (as opposed to white paper) offers a backdrop that hopefully feels more accessible to people of color.

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Hairvolution #86


This submission arrived in my mailbox – an unexpected (and delightful!) surprise from an old friend in Seattle.  If ever anybody else were to want to contribute their own hairvolution, send me an email (lcparke(at)gmail.com) and I’ll pass on my address!

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Hairvolution #76

The contributors of Hairvolutions #75 and #76 are pictured below with my own celebrity lookalike, Rita Pavone, the famous 1960s Italian rock star who was acclaimed for having “a face with freckles and a voice with heart.”

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Hairvolution #39

Random fact: Awesome as red hair may be, studies have shown that people with red hair need larger doses of anesthesia (on average, about 20% more than people with dark hair or blond coloring).

* “Chongos” is the Spanish term for “pigtails.”

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Hairvolution #38

*See Hairvolution #37 for a “bowl cut” how-to.  (If only Giles had had such a supportive class!)

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