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Hairvolution #111


Last July I had the unbelievable privilege of teaming up with an amazing crew of rock star volunteers down in Charleston, SC to help put on their 3rd Annual Girls Rock Camp!

As this contributor points out, young girls are often made to feel self-conscious and disempowered due to a society that [still] says women are incapable, incompetent, and less-than.  Girls Rock Camp seeks to confront and change those harmful messages by “empowering girls and transgender youth through music education, DIY media, and creative collaboration.” …to create a community in which “girlhood is a celebrated state of being.”


Since first getting started in Portland, OR back in 2001, GRC’s have been popping up all over the world.  If there’s one near you, find out what you can do to help out!  If there isn’t one in your community yet, maybe it’s time to change that!

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Hairvolution #110


What’s does “Republican hair” look like, you ask?  Evidently the established theme at the 2012 Republican National Convention was a left-to-right combover, famously dubbed the “Republican Side-Part.”


*Mitt Romney’s hair was such a popular topic of discussion during the 2012 Presidential Campaign, at one point the New York Times featured a front-page article about the Republican nominee’s impeccably coiffed ‘do.

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Hairvolution #108


A tribute to all those who boldly (and beautifully!) rock “big hair”:

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Hairvolution #102




This participant recently found their old dreadlocks, stashed away in a box with some other mementos and keepsakes.  As it turns out, saving hair is a pretty common practice; check out this super fascinating story about a lock of Beethoven’s hair.

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Hairvolution #101


The perfect follow-up to Hairvolution #100: the stunning host to a “mammal of hair!”


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Hairvolution #94

IMG_9126Fuck yeah, femme visibility!

(And so many thanks to all the brilliant, beautiful, courageous, creative, and fierce femmes out there who help to make our community so rich!)

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Hairvolution #93

IMG_9124Hairvolutions and a haircut!  Thanks to #92 for giving us cause to celebrate!


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Hairvolution #84


Continuing with my new found fascination with Bieber-related hair trivia (did you know a lock of his hair was once auctioned off for $40,668?), I was also interested to learn that the popularity of the eye-covering hair swoop is of concern to optometrists who fear that hairstyles that block one’s vision put them at risk for developing amblyopia, better known as “lazy eye.”

According to Andrew Hogan, a leading Australian expert of optometry, “If a young emo chap has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won’t see a lot of detail, and if it happens from a young age, that eye can become amblyotic.”

Perhaps there’s some truth to the matter, but this participant looks skeptical.


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Hairvolution #76

The contributors of Hairvolutions #75 and #76 are pictured below with my own celebrity lookalike, Rita Pavone, the famous 1960s Italian rock star who was acclaimed for having “a face with freckles and a voice with heart.”

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Hairvolution #75

For others among us who are slightly behind in the realm of pop culture consciousness, here are the famed characters referenced above:

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson):

Daria Morgendorffer of MTV’s “Daria”:

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) of “The Gilmore Girls”:

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) of “The Hunger Games”:

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