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Hairvolution #116


Hair styling is hard enough as it is, but can be especially challenging if you’re differently abled.  This contributor has limited use of one of her arms and consequently isn’t able to fix her hair into a traditional ponytail.  But as it turns out, a company in the UK has developed a solution!

1-UP is a one hand hair tie and can be useful for folks who have upper limb mobility challenges; paralysis in the hand, arm, or shoulder; do not have hand(s) or arm(s); or have a broken arm or wrist.  Check it out:

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Hairvolution #114


Besides epic dance parties, life-changing friendships, rock-your-socks-off musicians, and lots of really great hair, Girls Rock Camp Charleston is famous for its “Kitten Tips.”

This contributer is hard at work here, adding to the magical collection of kitten-themed advice and encouragement:


….for example:

kitten tip


kitten tip 2

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Hairvolution #113


Another Girls Rock Camp rock star!  (See Hairvolution #111 for more info.)


*And in case you’re pop-culturally challenged like me, the early years style reference made by this participant is to Legolas from Lord of the Rings.


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Hairvolution #111


Last July I had the unbelievable privilege of teaming up with an amazing crew of rock star volunteers down in Charleston, SC to help put on their 3rd Annual Girls Rock Camp!

As this contributor points out, young girls are often made to feel self-conscious and disempowered due to a society that [still] says women are incapable, incompetent, and less-than.  Girls Rock Camp seeks to confront and change those harmful messages by “empowering girls and transgender youth through music education, DIY media, and creative collaboration.” …to create a community in which “girlhood is a celebrated state of being.”


Since first getting started in Portland, OR back in 2001, GRC’s have been popping up all over the world.  If there’s one near you, find out what you can do to help out!  If there isn’t one in your community yet, maybe it’s time to change that!

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Hairvolution #100

IMG_9121Hats and hair tend to go hand-in-hand, but Japanese pop artist and director Nagi Noma took this pairing to a whole new level in 2008 with a series of animal inspired creations called, “Hair Hats.”

hair hat

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Hairvolution #91


In 1995, Jonathan Rees identified the”gene for red hair” – the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), found on the 16th chromosome.  This participant is definitely a carrier of this rare and recessive trait (less than 4% of the world’s population has naturally occurring red hair), and she wears it so well!

Unfortunately, redheads haven’t always been appreciated for their beauty.  In addition to countless other myths, stereotypes, and superstitions associated with red hair (more here!), during the late Middle Ages, efforts to suppress peasant revolts and a growing movement of “people power” motivated the genocide of thousands of suspected witches (i.e. powerful women who were seen as threats to the ruling class and powerful elite).  These women were typically stripped and searched for “marks of the devil,” including any “abnormalities” such as freckles, moles, warts, or birthmarks.  Considering the almost inevitable combination of red hair and freckles, of the estimated 40-60,ooo women who were put to death during these witch hunts, it’s safe to assume that many of them were also carriers of the MC1R.


*To learn more about the relationship between the witch hunts, the historic suppression of women, and the rise of capitalism, check out Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation.

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Hairvolution #90


The disclaimer included with this submission states:

This rugged piece of cardboard has survived a lot – a train ride to NYC where it then faced 15 blocks of rain/snow, where it then dried itself off on a bus ride to DC, where it then was shoved on multiple occasions into the bottom of a purse… this little guy was a trooper, and now has some character to show for it!

When first diving into this project, I learned early on that cardboard is an easily obtained material, is easy to write on, and is rugged enough to sustain a decent amount of travel and weather-oriented trauma.  Additionally, cardboard (as opposed to white paper) offers a backdrop that hopefully feels more accessible to people of color.

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Hairvolution #86


This submission arrived in my mailbox – an unexpected (and delightful!) surprise from an old friend in Seattle.  If ever anybody else were to want to contribute their own hairvolution, send me an email (lcparke(at)gmail.com) and I’ll pass on my address!

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Hairvolution #77

Earlier this summer, WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen interviewed his two young daughters after five-year-old Sadie decided to give three-year-old Eva a haircut.  Evidently, Eva’s hair was all the way down to her hips, and as Sadie points out, “If it grew any longer when she wiped her butt, her hair would go in the toilet and it’d be gross.”

You can listen to the whole ridiculously cute exchange here.

Sadie’s efforts were logical enough, but dads are often mystified by their daughters’ long tresses; however, when they’re brave enough to dive into the world of combs and brushes and braids and barrettes, there’s a special sort of bonding that can occur.  This contributor no doubt had fond memories of the nightly hairbrushing ritual that she shared with her dad.

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Hairvolution #75

For others among us who are slightly behind in the realm of pop culture consciousness, here are the famed characters referenced above:

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson):

Daria Morgendorffer of MTV’s “Daria”:

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) of “The Gilmore Girls”:

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) of “The Hunger Games”:

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