Hairvolution #107


Among other things, this contributor happens to be a beekeeper!  Did you know that beeswax is a common ingredient in mustache wax, as well as various brands of pomade?  (A major shift since the early 19th century when bear fat was reportedly used!)

Hair product can really make or break your style, and these days the market is saturated with a huge variety of options.  Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out in the world to help you select the perfect concoction for your desired look.

*In case you’re curious, this participant uses Paul Mitchell Shaping Cream.


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Hairvolution #106


Did you know there was once a law in Michigan that prohibited women from cutting their hair without their husband’s permission?  Many thanks to the Supreme Court for making that sort of oppression equally accessible to all loving couples.


Snarkiness aside, this participant and I both share an organizational crush on Southerners On New Ground.  Check out their response to yesterday’s decision:

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Hairvolution #105


Happy Pride, y’all!  I’m celebrating our annual rainbow-wrapped spectacle in San Francisco this year, where I met this brilliant and lovely contributor.

Though she currently resides here in the Bay, this participant originally hales from Alabama, and she’s still as Southern as ever.  Sarah Fonesca illuminates this intersection in her regular Autostraddle column, “Going Down (South)“:

Being queer is a lot like being Southern. Both identities refuse to be contained by border or stereotype. There’s no one way to be queer, just like there’s no one way to be Southern. You can stray away from either place but still identify with it; call it home. They are nomadic identities, and both queer and Southern alike have a remarkable sixth-sense when it comes to picking one another out of crowds in the biggest of cities.

Fonesca recently profiled a collection of LGBTQ Southerners, including Jenna Lyles, an organizer for Southerners On New Ground, and the contributor of Hairvolution #87!

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Hairvolution #104


In honor of this participant’s love of bangs, a collection of factoids for your next hair-themed trivia night:

In the 1860s, the term “bangtailed” was used to describe horses that had had their tails cropped.  Shortly thereafter, people (predominantly in America) began referring to the hair cut above one’s eyebrows as “bangs.”  Elsewhere in the world, the term “fringe” is more commonly used.


During Dwight Eisenhower’s 1952 presidential run, his campaign office got so many letters criticizing his wife’s bangs that they created a form response letter.


In the 1950s, a Scotch Tape ad recommended using the product when cutting bangs at home: “Fix fringe to forehead with Scotch Tape and cut across top of tape.  Fringe cuts straight, hair trimmings stick to tape—won’t fall in eyes.”



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Hairvolution #103


Being a cis-guy doesn’t mean you can’t rock a dyke haircut!  A stylist in Montreal even started their own bike shop/hair-cutting business in an effort to spread the hotness.


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Hairvolution #102




This participant recently found their old dreadlocks, stashed away in a box with some other mementos and keepsakes.  As it turns out, saving hair is a pretty common practice; check out this super fascinating story about a lock of Beethoven’s hair.

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Hairvolution #101


The perfect follow-up to Hairvolution #100: the stunning host to a “mammal of hair!”


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Hairvolution #100

IMG_9121Hats and hair tend to go hand-in-hand, but Japanese pop artist and director Nagi Noma took this pairing to a whole new level in 2008 with a series of animal inspired creations called, “Hair Hats.”

hair hat

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Hairvolution #99

IMG_9128This participant (along with the contributers of Hairvolutions #91, #92, and #93) were all a part of the 2013 Anne Braden Program, a four-month intensive anti-racism, political education, and leadership development training for white organizers and activists that was named for a woman with exceptionally awesome activist hair:



Hairvolution #98

IMG_8725And this guy just asked her to get married!

IMG_8289I wonder what his wedding hair might look like…

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