To begin conversations, participants are asked to draw the evolution of their hair, using four blank circles as their prompt.  The timeframe depicted is left up to the participant’s discretion, with only two guiding questions to help them formulate their response:

How has hair impacted your life?


In what ways does it reflect your identity?

Once a person’s “hairvolution” is completed, it becomes the basis for a conversational interview.  When multiple participants are present, the interview portion can take on a more casual, focus group-style format.

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The ultimate goal is to promote sharing and learning about our own identities and those of others.  By gathering a multitude of responses from a wide variety of people, threads of commonality and shared experience often begin to reveal themselves, enabling people from different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and identities to see one another in a new light.  Consider, for example, the people depicted in Hairvolution #8 and #9 – two individuals who share remarkably similar hair experiences, but otherwise represent different genders, races, and nationalities.


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