Hairvolution #117


One final Girls Rock Camp contribution, and the perfect opportunity to feature another sort of rock star: Shaina Machlus!

Shaina is a professional hair stylist at a boutique salon in Greensboro, NC.  She also volunteers her skills to individuals experiencing homelessness in the community.  Recognizing the tremendous disconnect between these two groups, she created the Hair Do Project as part of an effort to “erode barriers, promote dialogue, and create positive change for the Greensboro community.”

In explaining why hair serves as a central piece to this effort, Shaina writes,

Image is powerful.  It permeates every aspect of our public lives and helps determine the way we perceive ourselves and others.  As with all aspects of personal image and aesthetics, discussions of hair and hair styling can segue into deeper discussions about race, ethnicity, class, gender, and other prevailing social and cultural problems.

…sound familiar?  Clearly we should be buddies!

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