Hairvolution #111


Last July I had the unbelievable privilege of teaming up with an amazing crew of rock star volunteers down in Charleston, SC to help put on their 3rd Annual Girls Rock Camp!

As this contributor points out, young girls are often made to feel self-conscious and disempowered due to a society that [still] says women are incapable, incompetent, and less-than.  Girls Rock Camp seeks to confront and change those harmful messages by “empowering girls and transgender youth through music education, DIY media, and creative collaboration.” …to create a community in which “girlhood is a celebrated state of being.”


Since first getting started in Portland, OR back in 2001, GRC’s have been popping up all over the world.  If there’s one near you, find out what you can do to help out!  If there isn’t one in your community yet, maybe it’s time to change that!

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